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Dentures Cost

Denture Prices

How Much are Dentures? Always think quality first.

When we refer to quality, we are referring to a superior level of craftsmanship and individual care. Quality at Smiles & More is key to our success, your personal needs are at the centre of every product and service we provide no matter what your dentures cost. When you become one of our patients, you will experience for yourself how this level of quality and expertise feels. 

At Smiles & More we offer a range of options and denture costs to suit different budgets.

Taking time to ensure that you understand the different types of dentures we offer, we will help you make an informed choice about your treatment. Choices in the cost of false teeth reflects the different levels in quality we provide as well as the time taken and the quality of the denture materials used.

Of course we will be more than happy to itemise any treatment costs. With a written quotation of the cost of your new dentures, you will see that our prices reflect competitively and fairly the quality in care and treatment you will experience. 

Please note:

Any work carried out by your own dentist or one of our preferred dentists , during or after treatment at Smiles & More denture clinics will incur a separate charge .

Partial dentures require a prescription / treatment plan from  your own dentist or one of our preferred dentists.

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Essential Basic Dentures

Hard plastic teeth with natural results and a strong acrylic denture base, high quality yet affordable dentures. They come with a basic selection of tooth shapes, colours and denture materials without compromising quality.

These dentures are made by our team of Dental Technicians.

Price Per Denture        £695

Superior Set

Our superior range of dentures are a very popular choice with our patients. Superior, cosmeticaly characterised 'pearl effect' resin teeth with anatomical irregularities are used to produce an enhanced, natural facial appearance. Basic gum re-contouring is used to provide plumpness in the right areas to reduce that typical 'denture look'.

Carefully made by all of our Clinical Dental Technicians.

Price Per Denture        £925

Prestige Dentures

A highly technical procedure using advanced construction techniques and materials. This type of denture can rejuvenate your denture wearing life.
Using composite, natural, effect multilayer teeth, together with full gum contouring and superior, high impact acrylic base plates. This type of denture technique can re-establish natural facial appearance and fully corrected biting function taking years off your appearance.

Exclusively made by our Senior Clinical Dental Technicians.

Price Per Denture         £1,295 

Elite Dentures

Our Elite range takes dentures to a new level. Virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth, individually hand characterised, 'Next Generation' multi-layer composite teeth and featuring fully anatomical internal and surface characterisation, these dentures provide the ultimate in appearance, function and quality.
The time taken, complexity and advanced techniques used to construct this truly individual and naturally sympathetic option is reflected in t he stunning results that can be achieved. Enhanced gum contouring techniques and natural gum shading. Injection moulded high implant acrylic for superior strength and precision fit.

Exclusively made by our Senior Clinical Dental Technicians.

Price Per Denture   £1,675