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Denture Cleaning Service

At Smiles and More we understand the importance of oral hygiene and we boast having the uk's leading denture cleaning system available to our patients to help keep your denture's in the best condition possible.

Regular home cleaning is essential to keep your denture and mouth clean and free from bacteria. Unfortunately this cannot always prevent a build up of Plague and tartar, and just like natural teeth this is more difficult to remove. Tarter which is left not only causes staining to your teeth but can also cause irritation to the gums, tongue and mouth. This can lead to increased risk of bad breath and in some cases serious illness.

We understand how embarrassing it is to have stained or discoloured dentures,
We can now clean those difficult to remove stains, plaque and tartar.

In just 20-30 minutes your denture undergoes an intense cleaning process which ideally should be carried out 3-4 times per year .

Advantages and Benefits

Regular and professional denture cleaning effectively removes

  • Stubborn build up of Tartar
  • Bacteria Plaque
  • Stains and markings from food and drink such as Tea, Coffee, Red wine and medicines
  • Nicotine build up

Your newly cleaned denture will be:

  • Free from Tartar
  • Free from Bacteria
  • Free from odours
  • Free from stains
  • Longer lasting
  • A Smoother surface 

Denture cleaning £20 

Please call today to arrange your professional clean or ask to have this done whilst you are having your denture repaired.