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Chrome / Metal Dentures

Light Alloy Metal dentures are a tooth substitute option for one or more missing teeth, providing continued oral function and preservation of facial form.

chromemetaldentures1.pngLight Alloy Metal dentures are normally stabilised in the mouth by means of clasps and tooth rests to help prevent shifting and oral irritation. Made for strength and durability, wearers soon adjust to proper fitting light alloy dentures that support existing teeth.


What Are Light Alloy Metal Dentures?

Not all Light Alloy metal is cold and unsightly. They are dentures are made of medically-approved cobalt chrome alloy , or a hybrid of cobalt chrome alloy and nylon resin.

People with allergies may benefit from Light Alloy metal dentures that are hypo-allergenic – reducing the chance of allergic reaction. People with an allergy to any metals should discuss this with your dental professional prior to treatment.

Advanced dentistry techniques enable custom-design of Light Alloy metal dentures , so that they are made to fit the patient's mouth precisely . This will lower the risk of irritation in the mouth. Patients benefit from snug-fitting dentures designed just for their needs.

Patients can benefit from discreet and comfortable Light Alloy Metal dentures made by Smiles And More . These include options to have tooth coloured metal clips or clasps, for better denture stability and retention. Having these dentures and the most natural looking true tio life denture teeth give patients added confidence.

Why Light Alloy Metal Dentures ?

Light Alloy Metal dentures are an alternative to acrylic plastic dentures that fit the mouth and palate. Smaller and not palate-covering, Light Alloy Metal dentures allow individuals to enjoy the flavours of their foods and communicate as normal, without denture bulk impeding these functions.

Smiles And More Light Alloy Metal dentures are strong and less likely to fracture, since they are not as fragile as their counterparts. Although the mouth changes shape, Light Alloy Metal dentures have enough give without going out of shape. Your Smiles And More Dental Professional will monitor the wear of your Light Alloy Metal dentures as part of regular dental check-ups.

Patients are given several options to replace missing teeth, such as dentures made from blended materials. Hybrid dentures can be made from a combination of Light Alloy Metal and plastic, or Light Alloy Metal and nylon resin. We will ensure proper denture fit for comfort during wear. Presence of Light Alloy Metal material in the fabrication of dentures gives them strength and resilience. These dentures give patients comfortable teeth replacement with lasting results.

chromemetaldentures2.pngThe cost of Light Alloy Metal dentures depends on the materials they are made with or combined with. Options such as acrylic plastic dentures can be economical, but not as long-lasting. We discuss affordability with patients and give costs up front, so that patients know what to expect. Investing in metal dentures may be a more cost-effective choice in the long run.

As with all partial dentures, you will be required to have a consultation with a qualified dentist who will create a prescription/treatment plan for you. Once this has been done you return to Smiles & More for a consultation where we can discuss with you your options for materials and types of denture.

If you are interested in Light Alloy Metal dentures or any other Dentures then please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to advise you on the best way to proceed and can also recommend qualified dentists where required if you dont currently have one .